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The Honorable Distillery is located in downtown Marquette, MI and our goal is to make fine spirits The Honorable Way.

We believe quality is sacrosanct with quantity being secondary.

We've created a space at the former Nordic Theater that is appealing to locals and tourists to try our spirits (which include vodka, gin, bourbon, rye whiskey) and enjoy the finest artisan cocktails

We see ourselves as an economic engine for the U.P. by partnering with local farmers, grain millers, malt houses and breweries.

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The Honorable Distillery was formed by Anne White and Scott Anderson.

Anne grew up in Marquette after her father was transferred there to play hockey for the Iron Rangers.  Although she left the area shortly after graduating high school to see the world, she never lost her passion for the area and the town of Marquette.  She and her two sisters were responsible for the renovation of 215 S. Front St.  It had always been a dream of hers to open a distillery and it made sense that the beautiful property once known as the Nordic Theater would make a wonderful backdrop for that. 

Scott grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado.  He graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and went on to get a M.S. in Health Physics.  

Anne graduated with a math and physics degree from the University of Kansas then went on to earn a MS in Nuclear Engineering.  

Scott and Anne both have long careers in the nuclear cleanup business. Scott has held various positions in his firm including President of CHBWV in West Valley, New York. Anne ran her own consulting firm, an S-corporation for over 15 years until she was confirmed by the US Senate to run a $7 billion per year environmental clean up program within the Department of Energy.

This job is where the name of the distillery, The Honorable comes from.



The Honorable Distillery will be located in the former Nordic Theater, located in downtown Marquette, Michigan.

This 11,000 square-foot facility was formerly known as the Peter White Building before being converted to the Nordic Theater in 1936.  Designed by architect Micheal Hare of New York City, the cinema was built in Streamline Moderne style.   Hare was a junior partner at the firm Corbett & McMurray and assisted with the design of Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.  


In 1994, the Nordic Theater closed and was converted to a bookstore which discarded the cinema’s marquee, seating and concession lobby.


The Honorable Distillery began restoring the cinema’s auditorium to house the production facility and the lobby to house a tasting room.   Also slated is a reproduction of the Nordic’s original marquee as well as an additional tasting lounge where the cinema’s projection booth once resided. 



Monday - 2pm-10pm

Tuesday - 2pm-10pm

Wednesday - 2pm-10pm

Thursday - 12pm-11pm

Friday - 12pm-11pm

Saturday - 12pm-11pm

Sunday - 11am-9pm

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